Travel under your Own Steam in California

One of the things that the state of California is famous for is its wide-open spaces and nature trails. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get where you are going and stay healthy at the same time, then you should consider traveling under your own steam.

Using natural ways to get around will save you money on gas, reduce wear and tear on your car, and give you a chance to get out and get some healthy exercise. You may even find that getting around under your own steam is fun and rewarding. Give it a try and see if you can't make natural transportation a good habit.


Do you drive your car to go to the corner store? When you and the kids go to the park a block away, do you drive them? How about leaving the car at home and going for a walk? If it has been a while since you went for a long walk and you have concerns, then start out with short walks and then build up to longer distances.

When you walk, you are stretching out the muscles in your legs and your back. You will start to feel healthier and that back pain you have been experiencing from sitting in your chair all day at work may start to melt away as well. You can also try going for a walk on your lunch break at work and getting some fresh air in the middle of the day.


For a good workout, consider running through the hills and valleys of California. Before you head out for a run, talk to your doctor to get practical advice on how to safely approach an exercise routine. You should get comfortable running shoes and always dress properly for the weather when you go out running.


Bicycling is not just a great way to get around under your own steam, it can also be turned into a fun family activity as well. You can use cycling for practical purposes (such as cycling to your job), or you can buy mountain bikes and take the family on an adventure every weekend.

If it has been a while since you were out on a bicycle, then start out slow and build your way up. In some cases, bicycle technology may have changed since you last rode a bike. Give yourself a chance to get used to your new bike and then you will enjoy it more. Get out on the many miles of nature trails throughout California and feel the wind in your hair. If you are near the California coast, then try a bike ride along the coastline for an experience you will want to repeat over and over again.

Kayaking or Canoeing

How many times have you driven to a location and noticed that a stream, creek, or river follows that same path? Wouldn't it be interesting to take a canoe up the river instead of driving your car? If you go camping in an area with a lake, then bring a canoe with you to explore the surroundings under your own steam.

If you want to keep your river or lake trip more intimate, then get a kayak instead. If the river starts to speed up on you, then you can maintain control easier in a kayak. It can be great fun to take a canoe or kayak someplace you have never taken one before and it could turn into a habit that you will want to keep.

Ice Skating

In the mountains of California, there are plenty of frozen lakes and rivers that are just asking to be skated on. Instead of walking or driving up to the ski lodge, you could consider skating instead. You will get there faster and you will get some great exercise as well.


While you are in the mountains, you can travel from place to place by skiing. Cross-country skiing offers great exercise, and downhill skiing can be exciting. You may have never thought of skiing as a form of transportation before, but it can be the best way to navigate the forests that you will find on the mountains of California.

Getting around under your own steam in the state of California is both cost-effective and healthy. It also gives you a chance to live out adventures that just do not happen when you are driving a vehicle. Get to know the world around you by, you will find out interesting things about the wildlife in California, and you will get a chance to feel a whole lot better about yourself as well.

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