Shared Transportation Options in California

When it comes to protecting the beauty of the state of California, it is always best to reduce the sources of pollution as much as possible. Since California is such a large state and very spread out, many of the residents drive cars every day. All of those exhaust fumes are taking their toll on the California environment. The California government has responded to the exhaust issues by creating guidelines that auto manufacturers have to follow before being able to sell cars in the state. But even with all of the laws regarding the manufacturing of the exhaust systems on cars in the state, there is still a need for Californians to do more to protect the state. Shared transportation is an option that more people should look into.

Public Transportation

Innovative public buses that run on natural gas and subways that utilize magnetic fields instead of gasoline are just two ways that the municipalities in California are doing their best to help curb exhaust pollution. The people of California should look into using these methods of getting around to help them save money on their own vehicles and preserve the Californian environment. If you are not close to public transportation links, then you could always drive to a public transportation depot and park your car there for the day. This way allow you to still utilize the benefits of public transportation, even though you are not within walking distance of a depot.

Car Pooling

Just about every California freeway has a car pooling lane. When you get a car pool together with the people you work with, everyone pitches in for gas and the cars in the group get rotated every week. This significantly reduces the amount of wear and tear on your car, it shrinks your gasoline budget, and it also reduces how much you have to pay in repairs for your vehicle throughout the year. Why stop at just car pooling to work? Do you and several other families on your block have children that attend the same school? Then create a car pool with them and do the environment and everyone's bank accounts a favor. Regardless of how or why you do it, car pooling is great way to save money and save the environment. It is an option that makes sense in many different situations.

Chartered Buses

Are you and a large group of your friends planning on going to the big football game next week? Instead of driving up separately, you should all pool your money to charter a bus. When you charter a bus, you are taking all of those vehicles off the road and could end up saving yourself money. You are also allowing yourself to have a good time without worrying about driving. Schools, churches, civic groups, and corporations should all consider chartering buses for large group events. Any time you can use shared transportation to get people off the roads, you are reducing the amount of pollution that goes into the environment and making California a cleaner place. Shared transportation has many different benefits for you and your friends. You can save money when you share the ride, and you will also be doing your part to save the California environment as well. Another place where a lot of energy is needlessly consumed is in the home, yet there are many simple, cost effective ways to reduce energy consumption here or even turn it around and become an energy producer. Why not try: