Healthier Ways to Run Your Home in California

In the state of California, good health is more than just a fad, it is a way of life. The people of California have access to healthy sunshine all year round and they know how to make it work to their advantage.

If you live in California, you are probably looking for more efficient and healthier ways to run your home. By reducing your carbon footprint and looking for alternative ways to take care of your family, you can do yourself and the environment a huge favor. You can also save yourself a few dollars in the process, which is another thing that people from California love to do.

Solar Energy

Electricity generated at a power plant creates smoke that turns into smog. If you want to do your part to lower the amount of smog in California and make the state a healthier place, then utilize solar energy. You can have solar energy panels installed on the roof of your home and significantly reduce the amount of energy you use from the electrical grid. You will also lower your monthly energy bill, which allows the solar panels to pay for themselves over time.

Wind Power

If you are not able to get the power you need from your solar panels, then enhance that power with some windmills. The mountains and valleys in California are famous for the strong winds that deliver a cool and refreshing breeze. When you put up a few windmills, you can turn that cool and refreshing breeze into an energy alternative that lowers your monthly electric bill.

Get an Energy Audit

A professional energy audit will tell you everything you need to know about the ways in which your home is wasting energy. An energy audit will tell you which windows need to be replaced, and you can even get advice on buying energy-efficient windows that come with tax breaks. Your energy audit will point out all of the improvements you can make to your home to live a healthier and more efficient lifestyle.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

In the mountains and some of the low-lying areas of California, it can get cold during the winter. If you use a furnace to heat your home for part of the winter, then get a programmable thermostat installed and save money while reducing your energy consumption. A programmable thermostat allows you to lower the temperature while you sleep at night and while you are at work for the day. You can also use your programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature of your home while you are away on vacation.

Equally important is minimizing the amount of power used for air conditioning. Try to ensure your home has an energy-efficient air conditioner, and that it is well maintained. Develop a habit of setting it to the comfortable temperature rather than an extremely cool one, and try to make certain it is turned off in areas of the house that are not in use.

Drive An Electric Car Or Hybrid

Electric cars are becoming more common and they are ideal for the health and energy conscious people of California. A hybrid enhances gas mileage by using battery power and reduces the amount of emissions put into the air. When you drive these kinds of vehicles, you are making a stand against air pollution and doing your part to make the state of California a healthier place to live.

Recycle And Create A Compost Pile

Instead of throwing out the evening paper when you are done with it, you should recycle it so it can be used for another paper product. Instead of throwing out old or used food, you should have a compost pile or a composting machine that you use to create fertilizer that will make your lawn and garden healthier. You should also buy products made from recycled materials to promote the idea that recycling is good for the state of California.

Open A Window And Install Fans

Air conditioning is tempting, but is it always necessary? It can get warm in California, but sometimes opening a window or installing some ceiling fans is a more efficient and healthier option that air conditioning. You should also make sure that your home is properly insulated so that it retains the cool air and reduces the drain on your air conditioning when you do decide to use it.

Recycle Rain Water

People in California love to water their lawns and gardens, but water conservation laws can make that difficult. If you put a water collection barrel under each downspout on your gutters, you can collect all of the water you need to keep your landscaping looking great and you won't put any strain on the local water supply.

If you put your mind to it, then you can find plenty of healthy ways to run your home in the state of California. If everyone were to pitch in and do their part, then the state of California can become the sunshine paradise that it was always meant to be.