Eco-Friendly Transport in California

What does it mean to use eco-friendly forms of transport in the state of California? It means that you put the state's natural resources to work to reduce pollution and also reduce your impact on the environment. There is plenty of sunshine, pleasant weather and great landscaping to make eco-friendly travel well worth it.


There has been enough conflicting information about hybrid vehicles released to confuse anyone. The truth is that hybrid vehicles significantly reduce emissions by relying partly on electricity to operate the vehicle. If you use a hybrid vehicle, then you will benefit financially because you will be spending less money on gas every month.

Look past the hype on hybrids and know that they really are a great choice for the environment. You will reduce your carbon footprint when you drive a hybrid and you will also put a little more money in your wallet every month.

Electric Cars

For a long time, electric cars were a novelty item. The problem was being able to create batteries that could offer the driver more than a few miles of driving time. In the last few years, major manufacturers have created electric cars that can cover a lot of ground on one charge and have made them a viable option for everyone.

In California, much of the electricity is created using clean methods such as wind and solar power. When you charge and drive an electric car, you are doing your part to significantly reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air.

Solar-Powered Cars

A solar-powered car sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but they are rapidly becoming a reality. Before you invest in your next new vehicle, do some research and check out the solar-powered options that are becoming available.

A solar-powered car is a hybrid vehicle that uses solar power as its electrical component instead of recharging the batteries with a direct electrical current. A solar-powered car would offer a great way to save money on gas and lower the amount of pollution that goes into the air.

Natural Gas Vehicles

The next time that you see a public bus or an energy utility vehicle, look closer to see if that vehicle runs on natural gas. The consumer world is still a ways away from being able to buy cars powered by natural gas, but there are options out there that you can patronize which will help you do your part in lowering the emissions that go into the air.

The next time you need to go somewhere, consider taking a bus that is powered by natural gas. The emissions from vehicles powered by natural gas are much cleaner that gasoline and the ride is just as smooth.

Human-Powered Vehicles

Human-powered vehicles go well beyond just bicycles. While most human-powered vehicles do require you to pedal them, the variety of these kinds of vehicles that is available has changed over the years.

You can now buy human-powered vehicles that allow you to sit in a reclined position, and you can even get them fully-enclosed with a protective cover that allows you to pedal in the rain without getting wet. If you want to really get an eco-friendly vehicle, then get one that is human-powered.

Car Pooling and Public Transportation

If you can put one vehicle on the road instead of two, then you are doing your part to help the environment. When you are looking for ways to be eco-friendly with your travel in the state of California, then consider using public transportation or creating a car pool.

Using public transportation prevents your vehicle from putting pollution into the air, reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle, and it also saves you money on gas. The same can be said for car pooling as well. When a group of people all contribute to a car pool and alternate cars each week, then that is a great way to help out the environment.

The state of California offers so many reasons to get out of your car and just enjoy the view, but it can be hard to do that when you have places to go. The solution is to invest in eco-friendly ways to travel in California and preserve that beauty so you can enjoy it later. In some cases, the eco-friendly forms of travel put you out in the great weather and allow you to get the most out of that California sunshine.

Don't forget to that you can also save a ton of energy in the home by investing in renewable and alternative energy sources and making eco-friendly home improvements.