Car Free Places in California

There is no state in which personal automobile congestion is more noticed than it is in California. According to records from the California Department of Motor Vehicles there are more than 23 million personally registered cars throughout this state alone each year. These vehicles play a big role in the dangerous smog conditions that are experienced in California, as well as the vehicular accidents that are occurring every day on the roadways throughout this state. More devastating is the natural beauty that is being missed by individuals that depend on automobiles for all of their commuting needs. Thankfully, there are still areas throughout California that are car free and give people the opportunity to stop and take notice of the amazing sights, sounds, and surroundings that California has to offer.

Catalina Island

Located in about 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles in the Gulf of Santa Catalina you will find Catalina Island. With exceptions of battery powered golf carts this island is free of all types of automobiles. While the populations of natives to this island is at around 3,200 people, people swarm to the area by the thousands every year in hopes of taking in the relaxation, beauty, and lavish sites that can only be witnessed in this location. The animals and vegetation that you will find on Catalina Island were either transported to the area by boat, swimming, or flying to across many miles of ocean to this destination. The temperatures throughout the year are mild with ranges from 49 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the peak of the summer months. This mild and consistent climate makes a visit to Catalina Island enjoyable anytime throughout the year.


In the heart of Columbia is a pedestrian mall that is small in size but large in rewards you will receive when visiting the area. Guests that come to this pedestrian mall enjoy the opportunity to stroll along and window shop in many of the stores located throughout this center. Free of automobiles, it is possible to gain a new appreciation of a slower paced life during your time spent in this Columbia shopping center.


Throughout the University of California Campus in Davis you will find that much of the city is bicycle only commuting. With well designed and maintained bicycle paths throughout the city taking a ride offers visitors with the ability to take in the relaxing environment that is found here. With park like amenities, art venues, museums, libraries, shops, and more that are available throughout the city, the only thing you will find lacking is more time to enjoy the sights and sounds you encounter throughout the city of Davis.


In Riverside you will find a shopping district that stretches from 10th Street to 6th Street that is free of automobiles. The design of this city's heart may be absent of gas powered transportation but offers big rewards instead. Visitors find that the surroundings open their eyes to the natural beauty and serenity that California was known for so many decades ago. Art venues, entertainment, cafes, and more all fill this pedestrian shopping center.


A one mile stretch through Sacramento known as the K Street Mall is a traditional stop for many people when visiting the area. This outdoor shopping mall lacks the face paced automobiles that are often encountered in traditional shopping centers throughout California. Guests are free to explore the city's historical district, take in the area's entertainment venues, dine at exquisite restaurants and cafes, or simply appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings in the area. There are 12 blocks throughout that make up the K Street Mall which are lined with shops of all shapes and sizes. Guests always have the opportunity to gain new appreciation for what California both old and new has to offer when shopping and strolling along in the area.

Santa Monica

The Third Street Promenade is located in the city of Santa Monica. This is a pedestrian only shopping district that dates back to the early 1960s. You will find prominent shops including Apple, American Eagle Outfitter, Old Navy, Gap, Urban Outfitter, Armani Exchange, and other such named shops lined throughout the Third Street Promenade. Entertainment venues are always present in this car free district of Santa Monica. More than a million guests visit the area every year to experience the old town feel. Free of automobiles, leisurely strolls along the 30 blocks that make of the Third Street Promenade district of Santa Monica allows visitors to take in art, shops both big and small, entertainment, and the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Venice Canals in Venice, California

Venice is located in a section of Los Angeles and is home to the Venice Canal Historical District. This district was created in 1905 when developer Abbot Kinney decided that he would light to recreate his own idea of what Venice was like right here in the United States. Through the years the canals in which Abbot constructed began to experience serious damage. The majority of these canals have been filed in to make way for streets and commuting routes. However, there is still 300 meters of the Venice Canals that run through the city which are absent of the hustle and bustle of automobile traffic. Visitors can experience for themselves the atmosphere that was captured more than a century ago. Strolling along the Venice Canal will be able to take in a variety of art, sculptures, relaxation, and more.